4 Inch Cake Board Square, Silver foil laminated, smooth edges

Item No: T3SS4A

Product name: Cake Board Square, Silver foil laminated, smooth edges 

Size available: 4 Inch to 20 Inch

Thickness Available: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm

Feature: Module cutting directly by machine, white or gray back

Material: Paperboard, Cardboard

Packaging: 10-100pcs in shrink wrap, according to your request.

The silver foil laminated provides a grease-resistant barrier between your supported sweets and caks.

The rigid cardboard material gives this cake board its strength. This cake board is die cut by hydraulic cutting presser machine, under incredible pressure to give the cake board a finished edge that is uniform and smooth.

A Shimmering silver to support your cakes/sweets die cut to a perfect Square.


Good looking, grease-resistant, strong cardboard strength, better price. Your perfect Choice!!!

A good example photo to show you this perfect Silver Square cake board!!!